Beef Jerky vs Wild Game or Exotic Jerky – Do they REALLY taste different?

One of the most popular trends in snacks these days is jerky. Jerky is high in protein, high in taste, low in fat and whether you are talking Beef Jerky or the more exotic Jerky varieties that are popular these days, the results are the same: A satisfying snack that satisfies hunger and delivers great flavor.

A recent trend has been towards gourmet, exotic meats and flavors of Jerky. So I did an experiment with the guys in the office. We received a Jerky sampler pack from Mountain America Jerky, which included Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Wild Boar, Ostrich and many other Jerky products (including Alligator). Also included were different flavors of beef (including garlic pepper, teriyaki and so forth) I passed a little bit of each Jerky around and ask people to try them.

The comments were interesting. Most thought that the exotic flavors of jerky tasted pretty much like jerky except that the differences in the meat were really allowed to stand out. All of the jerky samples got finished off quickly.

Wild Boar jerky was a favorite among those who like BBQ flavors and who want the flavor kicked up a notch.

Elk and Venison were actually quite similar in taste and much leaner as you would expect from game meat. There’s a little bit more of a pepper “kick” in this jerky than was in the beef jerky.

The Alligator jerky definitely seemed to capture the most attention at the office. It was the most “different” in taste and texture, but it was also the one that people asked me to buy more of. The sweetness of it was well balanced with salt and pepper to give it just a little kick.

Bottom line: If you want a fun snack that will get your office talking, a sampler pack of exotic jerky products and flavors may be just the thing!

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